WondLa-Vision Map

Before You Activate WondLa-Vision

Step 1
In order to experience WONDLA-VISION, you will need a copy of The Search for WondLa book.


Step 2
You’ll need the D’Fusion Player. DOWNLOAD NOW. Firefox and Safari users will need to restart once installed. (Download time 15-30 seconds. Note: Initialization may take up to five minutes)


Step 3
Fire up your webcam and turn off pop-up blockers. Make sure you are in a well lit room. Have your copy of The Search for WondLa ready and open to the trackers on pages 123, 277, or 433 and once you’ve activated WondLa-Vision and can see yourself in your webcam, hold the tracker up to to the camera approximately 6-8 inches away to launch the experience.



WondLa Augmented Reality Video Demo

Step 4
Activate WondLa-Vision!

Click Here to Activate WondLa-Vision


For Troubleshooting Tips

Click Here 

Wondla-Vision has been deactivated.