WondLa-Vision Game

Before You Activate WondLa-Vision

Step 1
In order to experience the WONDLA-VISION Game, you will need an AR tracker. You can use either the promotional bookmark for Hero for WondLa, the illustrations from Hero for WondLa that appear on pages 19, 79, and 280, or you can download the tracker to play the first level here


Step 2
You’ll need the D’Fusion Player. DOWNLOAD NOW. Firefox and Safari users will need to restart once installed. (Download time 15-30 seconds. Note: Initialization may take up to five minutes)


Step 3
Fire up your webcam and turn off pop-up blockers. Make sure you are in a well lit room. Have your tracker ready and once you’ve activated WondLa-Vision and can see yourself in your webcam, hold the tracker up to to the camera approximately 6-8 inches away to launch the experience.


Step 4
Activate WondLa-Vision! CLICK HERE


WondLa Augmented Reality Video Demo


Click Here to Activate WondLa-Vision

In the WondLa-Vision Flying game, you will be piloting Hailey’s airship, The Bijou. Move the tracker up, down, left, and right to control the Bijou to race towards the end of the level within the allotted time. Pick up Power-ups along the way to increase your score and speed (Purple, Blue, Brown, and Green icons), but avoid Hazards that will slow you down and decrease your score (Orange, Pink, Burgundy, Red icons). Avoid crashing into walls, obstacles, Sandsnipers, and Airwhales!

For Troubleshooting Tips

Click Here 

Wondla-Vision has been deactivated.